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Hi Aimee,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, I use my own walls - the panels (wood frames with masonite panel nailed on top) vary in width but are made of 2 x 48" tall pieces stacked on each other to create the 8' height (that way they can be easily stored). It's a bit of an investment depending on your booth size but can be used over and over again - and you can screw any kind of shelf into the panel, which makes it easy. Otherwise standing shelving with a fabric backdrop is an easy solution. Feel free to send me an email at hello@flakespaperie.com if you have any other questions. Best of luck with the show preparation!

I found a photo of your booth on Pinterest and am about to be at the OOAK for the first time in 16 years and with a new product. Do you have your own walls? I'm wondering how you put shelving on your walls. I'm trying to do things without spending a lot of money before I see how my product will do (and if I'll be a the next show). Any advice would be most welcome!

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